PER was created to fill a need for weapon systems experts and is ready to serve you.

Practical Energetics Research (PER) was formed in 2014 by Scott Hill to provide warhead and lethality consulting services and advice. PER offers a unique combination of multi-discipline engineering, energetics, and warhead expertise.

PER is a NAICS classified small business entity, operating in Huntsville, Alabama. Conveniently located in close proximity to Redstone Arsenal, PER serves local Government agencies such as AMRDEC, AMC, and PEO Missiles and Space. PER also serves other Government agencies, federal contractors, and commercial firms across the country.

Our experience includes shaped charge, explosively formed penetrator, fragmenting warhead and other energetics design. We provide analysis of these systems and the effects on vehicles and other targets. We provide support to integrating lethality solutions into missile systems that include Javelin, TOW 2A, TOW 2B, TOW Bunkerbuster, HELLFIRE, and the Joint Air to Ground Missile System.